How it Works

Follow these easy steps to select your free phone number and see your SMS online


Choose a Country

Select a country that you'd like to have a number from. If the country you would like is not shown you may have luck with a number from the same region, for example using Canada & Caribbean numbers in the USA or in Africa try Nigeria or Cameroon numbers. Mid East? Try a Yemen number. Asia, maybe Pakistan numbers will work. UK numbers often work globally.


Use your number

There are dozens of ways for you to utilize your free temporary SMS number. The most popular way is to use the number for website registrations to get OTP codes. This helps you protect your identify and avoid having your real mobile number end up on unwanted mailing lists. Send as many SMS as you'd like, you can send unlimited free SMS.


See Your SMS Online

You will be able to view incoming SMS online in real-time. No registration is needed and no complicated user names or passwords to remember. Simply click on the View SMS link and instantly see the incoming SMS.


Yes, you are able to use our SMS numbers and receive unlimited SMS with no charge whatsoever. This includes being able to view your incoming SMS in real-time on this website. Just like any other SMS, the sender of the SMS would pay the standard cost for a local or international SMS depending on the number you have selected.
Our numbers are intended to be shared between all users. We will update the numbers from time to time. The numbers are provided on a temporary basis and can be removed from the site at any time as needed. While the SMS numbers may remain on the site from several months, its best to think of them as being for one time use.
All messages received on our free SMS numbers can be seen by any viewer of this website. Using our temporary SMS numbers is a great way to protect your privacy when you don’t feel comfortable giving your real mobile number to a website, app or individual. Keep in mind that these are public numbers so please do not send any personal information to them such as names, phone numbers, addresses, passwords or billing details.
No registration is required and there is no username or password. You can utilize our numbers free of charge immediately in apps and websites or sending SMS between friends and family. Check results online with no login needed.
While most messages arrive instantly or at most with a 10 to 15 minute delay there may be times when the SMS is not received. This can occur if a website/app verification OTP services is unable to route the SMS through the proper channels. Similar rare occurrences are possible when sending SMS through certain mobile carriers. We suggest trying another number from the same country or one from the same region.
You can choose a phone number from any country that you’d like. For example, if you live in India but want to use a number from the UK, New Zealand or Canada you are more than welcome to. Live in Argentina but need a number for Spain? That’s ok too. We even have Satellite +88 numbers that can be reached globally.

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